Jen Reiffer


Jen Reiffer has been a licensed mortgage broker since 2003, and is a member of Mortgage Professionals Canada as well as the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC (MBABC).

Jen prides herself on the fact that 100% of her business comes from referrals, and her past clients will attest to the outstanding service she provides throughout the mortgage process and after completion. Her work doesn’t end when the home purchase completes!

Buying or refinancing a home is one of the biggest investments in your life, and as your trusted mortgage Advisor, Jen is pleased that she may share this experience with you. So when you decide to buy a new home, refinance, or renovate an existing home, call Jen so that you may benefit from her vast knowledge and outstanding service!

Cory Larkin


Cory Larkin began his career in the financial services industry over 20 years ago where he gained valuable experience in mortgage lending and underwriting.  With this experience, Cory is well equipped to look at your personal situation from both the lender and customer perspective and therefore able to help you find the best product suited for you and your needs. 

In the last few years, Cory has dedicated much of his attention to real estate investors and helping them to achieve their goals through in-depth mortgage planning keeping the “big picture” in mind. 

Cory’s previous clients will attest to his vast knowledge and the outstanding service he provides before and after the closing of their mortgage. Call Cory today and you will enjoy this great experience firsthand!



As mortgage experts who specialize in working with investor clients, we have been able to develop relationships with lenders who understand the dynamics of mortgages for investment purposes as well as your typical residential mortgage financing. 



Qualifying for a mortgage seems to be getting more complicated as the years go on. Having organized documentation is the key to getting the approval you want. We can help put your papers in order so you can finance that next property. 



Do you have a lot of equity built up in your property or portfolio but have an uneasy feeling about getting your next mortgage from a bank? You’ve come to the right place, we specialize in offering boutique products for high net worth individuals. 


Portfolio Management

Regardless if you are looking to purchase your first or hundredth property or refinance several properties to access equity to buy more property, if you have a real estate investment portfolio, we have the experience and tools to help you manage it. 


Debt Coverage Ratio

Let’s be honest, most bankers working for your typical bank have no idea what a debt coverage ratio is, let alone how to use it towards qualifying for a mortgage. If you are thinking about buying your first or hundredth property, we can help you with the next step.


Residential or Commercial

Often times residential financing can only take you so far, the next step in developing a real estate portfolio is working with a commercial lender. We are the partners that can take you to the next step, we have both the relationships and experience. 


Did you know that according to a recent survey, people like to use calculators? Did you also know that we happen to have a link to a page of calculators right here? However as each person’s financial situation is different, especially when dealing with portfolios, nothing beats professional advice from real mortgage experts. Contact us when you are ready to look at real numbers!

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